Wednesday, May 03, 2006

matt gilding

For this icon we are making a combination of shining and matt gilding. The shining gilding of the gloriole has already been done. Now the parts for matt gilding are painted with yellow or red colour.

On that a gold-mixtion (a special oil-based glue) is spread.

After the needed waiting-time the gilding can be started. For matt gilding transfer-gold (gold leaves pressed on thin paper) is used. The paper with the gold can be taken into the hands and is with scissors cut into the needed pieces. One piece after another is put on the painted and glued parts while the paper is pulled off.

At the end the overlapping gold can be turned away with a soft brush. The rests are collected, as they can later be used for assist-gilding (see in a later posting).

The result: The gloriole is with shining gilding, the background in matt.
Now everything is ready for painting.


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