Sunday, April 30, 2006

the model for painting

An icon is always a copy. The painter does no individual painting but sees himself as an instrument in the service of a long tradition. Painting is seen as an act of meditation/prayer - or better said: it is meditation/prayer itself. It must also be understood that the copy corresponds in full to the original and is not less "worthy". It represents the presence of the depicted person(s). So an icon of Christ makes Christ present in the room where it has its place, not only in remembrance, but much more directly - so is the view of the Orthodoxians. Icons have also a very important function in the service of the Orthodox Church.

Normally the painter chooses a model out of one of the books on icons. During the centuries also manuals for icon painters with detailed instructions have been published, which can be used likewise.

From the chosen model the outlines are taken and copied on the wood panel.
In the case here the model - St. Chrostopher - was taken from the book by Abraham Selig: "Die Kunst des Ikonenmalens", which contains also the sketch, which only had to be enlarged to fit on the wood panel.


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